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Portrait artist and painter, based in the Scottish Highlands.

I have always had a devotion to capturing the real world. Which first began with the fine art practise of drawing. Through the study of drawing it helped me become aware of my surroundings and the space and placement that the world and those within it adopt. I soon strived for a better way to successfully convey my thoughts and ideas. This lead me to study Photographic and Electronic Media at Robert Gordon University, where I received my Bachelor of Arts with Honours in 2014.

My first love of drawing has always stayed with me, turning me into the artist I am today.  Creating life like portraits and artwork for people to cherish.  There is just something so special about a hand drawn work of art.

I have also began my journey with Custom Painted Denim Jackets (Custom Denim Club), It has become a medium I love creating with, and allows people to express themselves artistically with their fashion.

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